June is Lipedema Awareness Month


June is Lipedema (Lipoedema in UK/AUS) Awareness Month so I thought I’d post some helpful information and resources. I recently found many of these pages and Facebook groups and finally feel like I belong, there ARE others out there who understand.

WebMD (we’re FINALLY on WebMD) describes Lipedema as a condition that affects up to 11% of women. It occurs when fat is deposited abnormally beneath the skin, usually in the buttocks and legs. Although it begins as a cosmetic concern, it can progress to cause pain and other problems.

Excellent video:

Dr. Karen Herbst for Cure Lipedema Awareness PSA

Here are some informative websites/links:

Cure Lipedema – http://www.curelipedema.org/

Lipoedema UK – http://www.lipoedemaladies.com/

Dr. Herbst’s website – http://www.lipomadoc.org/lipedema.html

Fat Disorders Research Society – http://www.fatdisorders.org/fat-disorders/lipedema-description



Fellow Lipedema Bloggers:

Big Leg Woman – http://www.biglegwoman.com/

Living with the Lip – http://lipedemagirl.tumblr.com/

Molly Peterson – http://www.mollympeterson.com/2012/11/i-have-lipedema/

Born2lbFat Living with Lipedema posts – http://born2lbfat.com/?cat=90

Do you have a Lipedema/Lipoedema website or blog to recommend? Please share it in the comments section. I will update this post with suggestions!


  1. Rebecca says

    Hello, Loving your site :) I’m starting a FB support group for people with rare fat disorders in the Pacific and Australia. I myself have Dercum’s disease and most likely lipedema as well, though i have not been diagnosed, very hard to get diagnosed here in NZ. I’m wanting to put together a list of blogers who like yourself are living with a rare fat disorder. Are you happy for me to paste a link in my groups documents?

    much Love B

  2. says

    Another group you might not know about is LASS . It is an Australian support group for women with Lipoedema. Contact us on http://www.lass.org.au and women can join our online support group . We also have meetings where members meet up for lunch or coffee. Great news is our first conference in March 2013.
    Keep up the great work

    • born2lbfat says

      I will add you to my list! Thanks for giving me the information. I’d LOVE to come visit you all in person someday! :-)


  1. […] Lymphedema and Lipedema do often “kidnap” me. The pain and swelling associated with the conditions often limit my ability to walk and be as active as I would like. Treatment can be just as  limiting as the conditions. Being tethered to a compression pump for hours a day, or being compression wrapped like a mummy can be both a physical and mental struggle to manage. […]

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