Latest Advocacy Efforts


Featured on ObesityHelp

I am honored to be today's featured article on - Advocate: A Decade in the Making. I have been a member of ObesityHelp since 2003 and have … [read more]


Two Bills, One Story

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Chinese proverb My journey began many years ago, the steps have been difficult at times but I kept … [read more]

Living with Lipedema & Lymphedema


Déjà vu

It happened again. On the way home from the gym I stop at the grocery and someone makes a rude comment. Last time it was a woman in an electric cart laughing at … [read more]

Let’s Talk About Weight Loss Surgery


Weight Loss Surgery Journey

I had open RNY Gastric Bypass in April 2003 at The Ohio State University Medical Center. I was diagnosed and under treatment for Lymphedema since December 2001, … [read more]